The Olympic Room

The Olympic Room

Dan Janiszewski March 20th, 2024

The Olympic Room

Olympic Room – The MCG’s most renowned dining experience

A unique offering from the home team, the Olympic Room is the MCG’s premiere dining facility.

Featuring a floor to ceiling glass frontage, it offers restaurant style dining, entertainment and is the pefect networking environment.

The Olympic Room includes:

  • Private Tables of 10. Groups less than 10 will be placed on a shared table.
  • Premium Level 2 reserved seating
  • Gourmet dining experience
  • Premium wines, beer, spirits and soft drinks
  • Half time afternoon tea/supper
  • Live entertainment and guest speakers
  • AFL Record

Things to keep in mind:

The room can hold up to 500 people. Some tables are located well away from the window facing over the ground. Some tables overlook the outside of the MCG.

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