Menu Information

Menu Information

Dan Janiszewski March 28th, 2024

What food menus will I receive?


Each MCG Corporate Box is supplied with a food and beverage menu. The menus can vary on a number of factors, including such things as:

  • The time of the fixture you are attending. If you attend an AFL match with a 1.10pm bounce, a lunch menu will be served. A match with a 7.10pm bounce will enjoy a dinner menu.
  • Length of the fixture you are attending. For example, events around the Boxing Day test can go for 8 hours, whereas a Twenty20 game may only last 4 hours.
  • The time of year e.g. Changes in menus according to the season.

Sample menus:

We’ve given you a sample menu, to give you an idea of what you can expect when you join us. The following sample menus are for an AFL match. Please note: this information is provided by the sole appointed caterers at the MCG and Etihad Stadium. Dynamic Sports Marketing has no control over the quantity or quality of the menus provided.

MCG Corporate Box Menu (Sample)

Communal style of food service. Abundant & comforting. Slow cooked meats, generous sides & familiar half time fare

On Arrival

  • Poached chicken & leek terrine 
  • Barossa NY sliced beef pastrami House made vegetable pickles, confit duck rillettes,Jamon lberico Barkly Smokehouse grandmother’s ham, smoked tomato relish
  • Soppressa salami I hummus & hazelnut dukkah
  • Garlic & cheese ‘pull apart’ focaccia & epi baguettes

Main fare served grazing style  (served 1 hour prior to the bounce)

  • Slow cooked Hazeldene’s chicken, sauteed forest mushrooms, grain mustard & tarragon sauce
  • Baked eggplant, braised heirloom tomatoes, basil, That’s Amore smoked buffalo mozzarella
  • Char grilled lamb fillet, whipped Fetta I slow roasted tomatoes, Mt Zero olives, qukes
  • Roast vegetable salad – parsnips, pumpkin, BBQ baby onions, heirloom carrots, wild rocket, aged balsamic
  • Bakery fresh bread – wood fired Scottish rolls, cultured butter, Murray River pink salt

Half time

  • Country style scones (v), Yarra Valley strawberry jam, thick vanilla Gippsland cream
  • Party pies & sausage rolls, rich tomato sauce
  • Coffee & tea, genovese organic fair trade coffee, tea drop tea selection

Marvel Stadium Corporate Box Menu (Sample):

To Start (on arrival)

  • Marinated olives, feta stuffed bell peppers, homemade dips, crusty sourdough
  • Mini prawn cocktail baby cos, Marie Rose sauce

Buffet menu, grazing style (served pre-match)

  • Sliced prosciutto baby pear, rocket salad, Pecorino, aged balsamic (gf)
  • Peking duck salad orange segments, hazelnuts,mizuna, radicchio, cardamon dressing (df, gf)
  • Huon smoked salmon spiced avocado purée, salmon pearls, tomato, roasted pepper, rocket salad (df, gf)
  • Seven spiced lamb shoulder saffron, almonds, Greek yoghurt, red barberry rice pilaf (gf)
  • Moroccan style chicken apricots, pistachios, green olives, Israeli cous cous (df)
  • Potato & leek strudel Red lentil dahl, Chinese broccoli (v)
  • Accompanied by a Rocket salad, pumpkin, Persian feta, pine nuts, balsamic dressing (gf, v)

Half Time:

  • Freshly baked scones, Yarra Valley strawberry jam, fresh cream (v)
  • Classic footy platter party pies, sausage rolls, tomato sauce
  • Cheese board selectionof cheeses, quince paste, walnuts, muscatels, lavosh (v)
  • Plunger coffee and a selection of teas Post-Match

Dietary Requirements:

Dietary requirements can be accommodated provided they are advised to us no later than 5 working days prior to the event. After such time, it may not be possible to accommodate for them.

Sample menus listed here are for demonstrative purposes only
Food and beverage menus are subject to change.
Please note: all of the above food menu items may include nuts and/or traces of nuts and gluten
Timings to be used as a guide only .Times may vary from event to event. Final timings will be sent with your tickets.