Dan Janiszewski March 28th, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to a number of questions that we get asked on a regular basis.

Some games are more expensive than others. Why?

Put simply, its supply and demand. MCG Corporate Boxes come with the same inclusions for each game, irrespective of the price. For example the match between Collingwood and Hawthorn is going to be more popular than a less popular Melbourne team playing an interstate team who may not be performing well. Generally speaking, most Friday night games will be more expensive than weekend games. You can read more about pricing here

I want to book a box. What’s the process?

Once you’ve decided on a box, you need to complete a booking form. The booking form is a binding agreement and no bookings are final until a booking form is received. We will then issue an invoice which is a 7 day account. Payment terms can be negotiated. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express (secure online payment via Stripe, 1.9 % admin fees apply), Cheque and EFT. No tickets will be issued until full payment has been received.

I have less than 12 people who want to attend a game. Can we have a box?

The smallest box size is 12. You must pay for all 12 guests. If you have less than 12 guests, we recommend The Nissan Lounge or a dining package instead.

What is the dress code for MCG Corporate Boxes?

MCG Corporate Box dress code is at your hosts discretion. You should check with them before attending. Please note, a minimum dress code of smart casual applies. This means:

Not Acceptable: Men

  • Thongs, scuffs, dilapidated footwear, gumboots, moccasins, slippers and ugg boots.
  • T-shirts, singlets, torn or ripped clothes, even if “designer” tears.
  • Shirts not supported by a collar including crew neck shirts (skivvies are acceptable).
  • Football, running, athletic, bike, tennis and board shorts.
  • Tracksuit pants.
  • Beachwear.
  • Overalls.
  • Any clothing displaying racist or similarly offensive messages.

Not Acceptable: Women

  • Thongs, scuffs, dilapidated footwear, gumboots, moccasins, slippers and ugg boots.
  • Torn or ripped garments, even if “designer” tears.
  • Running, athletic or bike shorts, or sportswear such as tennis skirts.
  • Tracksuit pants.
  • Beachwear.
  • Bikini tops and tops showing bare midriff.
  • Any clothing displaying racist or similarly offensive messages.

Where are the MCG Corporate Boxes located? Can I request a location?

The Corporate Boxes are located around the MCG. We will accommodate location requests as best we can.

We have a guest who is Coeliac/Vegetarian/other special dietary requirement. Can you organise this?

Yes, we can arrange for guests with dietary requirements. This must be disclosed at least 10 days prior to the event to ensure the caterers can accommodate the request.

I want to bring my kids. Are they allowed in the boxes? Do they need a ticket?

Yes, children of all ages are permitted into the boxes and must be supervised at all times. The decision to allow children into a MCG Corporate Box is at the host’s discretion. Under no circumstances are they to consume alcohol. Children under the age of 3 do not require a ticket.

Can I book a box and bring my own drinks in?

No, any boxes purchased must be accompanied with a menu and beverage package. Guests are not permitted to bring their own food and beverages, either from home or from the outlets on the concourse.

What impact will a COVID-19 type event have on my booking?

Your booking will be subject to terms and conditions outlined in a booking form.