Anzac Day Corporate Box

Anzac Day Corporate Box

Dynamic Sports Marketing October 24th, 2022

Anzac Day Corporate Boxes

The Anzac Day clash between Essendon and Collingwood at the MCG is one of the highlights of the home and away season. They regularly attract a sell out crowd and are always on the list of “must do” events for companies wishing to entertain their valued clients. As such, demand always exceeds supply. An Anzac Day Corporate Box is sold as a part of a package of games (in the same way that the AFL Grand Final is sold).

A rough estimate of cost for this would be around $32,000 ex GST for a 16 seater (Anzac Day plus 3 other A grade matches)

If your organisation is interested in purchasing Anzac Day Corporate Boxes, and has the budget to take another 3 games then please contact us for more information on how to secure a package

If this is not suitable, there are a large range of other ANZAC Day Corporate Hospitality packages available.


First game played: 25 April 1995
Biggest victories: Collingwood – 73 points (25 April 2008), Essendon – 66 points (25 April 2003)
Largest crowd: 94 825 (1995)
Most goals in one game: Collingwood – Saverio Rocca with 9 (1995). Essendon – Matthew Lloyd with six (1999, 2003), Scott Lucas with six (2000).
Players representing both clubs in an Anzac Day clash: Andrew Ukovic (1998 with Essendon and 2000 with Collingwood)
Scott Cummings (1996 with Essendon and 2002 with Collingwood)
Blake Caracella (1997–2002 with Essendon and 2005 with Collingwood)
Mal Michael (1998 with Collingwood and 2007–2008 with Essendon)


For more information on Anzac Day corporate boxes, or the other Anzac Day Dining options available, please contact us