Pricing Explained

Pricing Explained

Dynamic Sports Marketing October 24th, 2022

MCG Corporate Boxes – Pricing explained

Why are prices different for MCG Corporate Boxes for AFL matches?

Put simply, its supply and demand. Dynamic Sports Marketing’s MCG Corporate Boxes generally come with the same inclusions for each game, irrespective of the price.

Some games are more popular and all boxes will be full, others not so much.

Some examples of games that are in high demand and therefore more expensive:

  • Collingwood vs Carlton is typically one of the drawcard events in any given year regardless of how the 2 teams are performing. This match usually generates a crowd of 50,000 people.
  • Any time Collingwood, Hawthorn, Essendon or Richmond play each other.
  • If a team is performing particularly unexpectedly well e.g. in the top 8 at the latter part of the season against one of the above teams.
  • Generally speaking, most, if not all Friday night games
  • Anzac Day – please note Anzac Day Corporate Boxes are in their own category.

Some examples of games that are not so high in demand and therefore more affordable:

  • A less popular Melbourne based team playing an interstate team
  • 2 less popular Melbourne based teams playing on a Sunday afternoon or evening.
  • Games taking place on long weekends or holidays. Companies generally may find it difficult to get clients to a game during these periods (people away, family commitments etc)

Why is there a range of prices for a particular game?

We have a range of boxes all around the ground. Some locations are considered more desirable that others. Some boxes feature a more luxurious layout.

To keep inventories updated online would be a full time job! When you make an enquiry, we’ll be able to advise an accurate price for your consideration.

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